Head Teacher

Job Description

  • Maintain confidentiality about staff, .children and clients
  • Communicate with other staff, children and parents on a daily basis
  • Assist Director in implementing all policies and rules of Center
  • Maintain a good record of attendance
  • Follow DCFS regulations
  • Work cooperatively with peers, administrators and community
  • Assist on field trips, extra day care activities, etc.
  • Prepare articles for a monthly newsletter
  • Set table, serve lunch and snack to children
  • Keep daily class attendance and meal participation .
  • Arrange classroom environment in accordance to program goals and philosophy
  • Inspect all toys and materials for damaged or broken pieces and discard appropriately
  • Plan and execute weekly lessonplans/ IELDS & IELGS
  • Supervise groups of children in classroom and on playgrounds
  • Complete daily playground check lists according to schedule
  • Keep personnel file up to date (physical, CPR: and First Aid certification)
  • Wash toys daily if dropped on floor or put in mouth
  • Clean your designated areas daily and remove garbage (ie: clean bathroom, restock supplies, vacuum, wash windows, dust, etc.)
  • Keep rooms clean and organized
  • Maintain your 2.0. hours of in-service each year
  • Keep CPR and First Aid up to date
  • Do evaluations on each child every six months and report results to parents. Copy for file. Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Maintain and restock First Aid kits in classroom
  • Consult with Director about suspected cases of child abuse and neglect
  • Keep daily activity sheets on each child in your classroom
  • Complete “ouch” reports for any accident that happens to a child. Copy for file.
  • Wash classroom beds weekly and remake

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