Excelerate Illinois Silver Quality Rating

The Silver Circle of Quality recognizes that the program has met quality goals.

Silver Circle programs meet or go beyond quality standards in three areas: learning environment and teaching quality; administrative standards; and staff training and education. Programs are actively engaged in continuous quality improvement.
Excelerate Illinois website with more information.

September 22, 2022
KEWANEE IL 61443-3410

Dear Michelle,


New Horizons Learning Center and Daycare has met the eligibility requirements for the ExceleRate
Illinois Silver Circle of Quality.

Achieving this designation demonstrates your program’s commitment to providing quality care to
Illinois’ children. ExceleRate Illinois unifies all our state’s early learning programs under a common
set of standards across multiple delivery settings and supports programs that integrate and sustain
best practices, while publicly recognizing your program’s achievement towards higher quality.
Enclosed is your ExceleRate Illinois Seal which verifies that your Circle of Quality is current. Attach
the seal to your certificate in the designated spot.

To maintain the Silver Circle of Quality designation, your program will need to submit a yearly report
that will be supplied to you. At the end of the three year period as listed on your ExceleRate Illinois
Certificate – your program will need to reapply and demonstrate that all standard requirements are
met. This may include onsite ERS and PAS/BAS assessments.

If your program cares for children receiving the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) payment, a
quality add-on is available at the Silver and Gold Circles of Quality. For information on the quality
add-on and other ExceleRate incentives, please visit http://www.excelerateillinoisproviders.com/
under the benefits tab.

Note: Providers are responsible for reviewing monthly CCAP payments for accuracy and reporting
add on errors immediately to INCCRRA. Retroactive payments will not be issued. If there are program
changes that could effect your add on or if you begin caring for families receiving CCAP assistance in
the future, please contact INCCRRA and your local CCR&R to ensure this is no interruption in add on

Congratulations on your program’s achievement of the ExceleRate Illinois Silver Circle of Quality and
continued commitment to quality early learning and development.

Sherri Stamp
ExceleRate Illinois Specialist