New Horizons Learning Center & Day Care


Weekly Fee 4 Days 3 Days 2 Days
PreSchool 9am – 11am $7 a Day $50 $40 $30 $20
Toddlers 15mo – 23mo Full Day $285 $228 $171 $114
Half Day $145 $116 $87 $58
2 Years Full Day $230 $184 $138 $92
Half Day $115 $92 $69 $46
3 years – 12 years Full Day $200 $160 $120 $80
Half Day $100 $80 $60 $40
Before & After After Only Before Only
Before & After School Fee $100 $70 $40
*All new enrolls will have a $28 fee that will need to be paid at the time of registration.
*20% Discount for Additional Children Enrolled.

Mission Statement

The mission of New Horizon’s Learning Center and Day Care in Kewanee, Illinois is to provide high quality, accessible and affordable child care services to families who are employed and/or in training. We are a service-oriented company that offers developmentally appropriate programs for children ages 15 months through 12 years.

We believe that our staff and parents provide a partnership to benefit children and families from many areas in the Kewanee Illinois community and beyond. The services that we provide enhance the physical, social-emotional, communication/language, and cognitive development of children while contributing to the economic vitality of our community.


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For more information about New Horizon’s Learning Center & Day Care call us at 309-852-3255 or fill out the form below to send us an email.

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The environment at New Horizon’s Learning & Day Care is primarily one of loving concern, acting as a supplement to the home, and aimed at helping your child achieve a feeling of high regard for his/her own worth and to help develop trustful and responsible relationships with others.

As we lend a helping hand to working families, we strive to provide a variety of opportunities for young children. To develop physically, a child needs to exercise all parts of the body and to get plenty of sunshine and fresh air. To grow socially, a child needs to learn to express his/her feelings, to love, be loved and feel good about himself/herself. To advance intellectually, a child needs to be encouraged to discover new things, to solve problems and to verbally express his/her ideas and feelings. It is our firm belief that children learn by doing and so our program is based upon a “hands on” approach. These components of our philosophy are put into practice daily by a loving and caring staff.